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I am the "REAL" Nanook. I wrote the book LIARS! It presents the philosophy behind most of the posts on this blog. Look for information about it at

Congress Poised To Permanently Fix Its Medicare Payment Glitch

Congress Poised To Permanently Fix Its Medicare Payment Glitch I posted the following comment. It was rejected. I went back and posted again, leaving out the first paragraph. It appears that was OK. (I have a long struggle going on … Continue reading

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Something’s Rotten from the STEM to the Core

I was a member of the Jacksonville FL STEM Task Force during 2012. To launch the effort, we were given some high-level government generated handout material which included Dept. of Commerce STEM Introduction July 2011 Not willing to just accept … Continue reading

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What Cooperation Science Has To Tell Us

This is my answer to the questions: Is there a science of cooperation? What does this science have to teach us? which were posted on: . Science has 2 primary definitions: one is a tool to seek truth; the … Continue reading

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One-Trick Ponies by Terra Dime

This book is not a “formula” airplane novel where the girl gets the guy and everything turns out right in the end. It’s a “reality” novel that addresses the tragedy of our times. To pull the reader emotionally into the … Continue reading

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The Institution by Terra Dime

This is a very profound book. It accurately describes the polarized schizophrenic philosophy and psychology we encounter every day in the media related to the environmental disaster unfolding on the planet. The book collects KEY scientific observations made for 40 … Continue reading

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The Multiple Religions Problem

This comment is in response to someone who asked me if western society needed to be worried about Islam. The problem with Islam is not just about them. It’s about religion as a whole when you look at it from … Continue reading

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CNN Article – Prescription for Cheating

This comment refers to a CNN article about students cheating on medical exams. ( Prescription for Cheating ) I agree, this was a case of very narrow minded naïve reporting. The case presented is just the tip of a very … Continue reading

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Pluralistic ( Constructive ) Democracy

Occupy Wall Street! Occupy Oakland! Occupy Portland! Occupy Boston! Occupy LA! Please read this. Please try to understand it. Please try to implement it. One of the highest VALUES paraded in every protest we see is the word DEMOCRACY. And … Continue reading

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Are things really better today? Why can’t we go back?

In a post to Waiting for the Storm .com  I discussed how representative government made sense in 1776 when mail was delivered by horse and most citizens couldn’t read, but the need no longer applies. @lookingforthemeaning replied “is the communication … Continue reading

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Burden of a Two Party System

The following discussion clip is from the Occupy Wall Street demand discussion list. On Oct. 12, occupythegreenparty posted the following point: “I think people shouldn’t be afraid of several parties. The goal of the party is to run a candidate … Continue reading

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