The Institution by Terra Dime

This is a very profound book. It accurately describes the polarized schizophrenic philosophy and psychology we encounter every day in the media related to the environmental disaster unfolding on the planet. The book collects KEY scientific observations made for 40 years about what is happening to the planet and the life forms on it and projects one credible but very scary example of where things might end up. Most important, it explores the dissociation of human culture that goes along with a collapsing world. As the author of LIARS! Vol. 1: Scout to the Pole and LIARS! Vol. 2: Escape to Insanity, which present new theories that explain why the behaviors The Institution describes are happening, I put tabs on insightful related statements in the book while I was reading. My copy of The Institution has a tab on almost every page.

To be sure, there will be some readers who can’t face what the book is saying, and run screaming away from it. The book does an amazing job exploring the reasons why that happens, and the complexity of human behavior behind it. Unfortunately, those running away include a large part of society, especially those currently referred to as “climate deniers”. Readers will certainly see themselves as, or aligned with, one of the characters in the book. The question is, if you looked at yourself in the mirror, where would you end up: inside or outside THE INSTITUTION! This book will help you find out.

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