One-Trick Ponies by Terra Dime

This book is not a “formula” airplane novel where the girl gets the guy and everything turns out right in the end. It’s a “reality” novel that addresses the tragedy of our times. To pull the reader emotionally into the plot, the author toys with you endlessly. Some element seems to be going hopelessly wrong; then a hero shows up to save the day! BUT, things get complicated and – well – that’s the charm of the book.

Set in the late 1990’s, the focus of the book is a struggle for land development. The book is stocked with a set of average day-to-day shallow self-centered wealth-driven characters. Most are portrayed in a pretty black and white way. This allows the reader to easily separate out how modern politics polarizes people into simplified groups. It also simplifies the issues they face and shows how politics, through the media, can distort our most basic principles. The plot brings the characters face-to-face with some pretty heavy questions related to today’s most urgent problems. Sorry. The 1% don’t meet the challenge – stumbling Mr. Magoo-like through a life of Midas wealth. Understanding reality is not something they know how to do. In the process, they take the 99% over the cliff with them.

The tragic message can be summed up by paraphrasing from a standard movie preview: “Coming soon to a town near you!”

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