The Multiple Religions Problem

This comment is in response to someone who asked me if western society needed to be worried about Islam.

The problem with Islam is not just about them. It’s about religion as a whole when you look at it from a world wide scale. There is an encyclopedia of religion that claims to list 54,000 different religious sects. I thought I knew a lot about the Catholic Church. When I read the section about Catholicism, it described 153 different Catholic groups. And while they have a lot of beliefs in common, the beliefs they don’t share are enough to keep them at “odds” with one another. For example, when was in Israel 10 years ago, and went to visit Mount Calvary, it was not a stony knoll any more. It had a big cathedral over it. When we went to get tickets they asked us what religion we were. When I said, “none”, they just gave us a ticket. The guide with us explained it. If we said, Muslim or Jewish, same thing. But if we said Christian, they would ask what denomination. Each denomination has to tour separately because, if not, they get into fights.

The point is, as long as communications were slow, transportation was slow, and people pretty much stayed in their own location, at least in modern times, thing were quiet. Everyone thought things were ok. But as we bring the cultures together, it causes problems, because everyone is confronted with all the other views. AND each one still wants to believe their view is the right one. They refuse to face simple history.

This Brit talks about “how things are around the world” as if that really means something. What he isn’t pointing out are things like: the US had slaves until 1856; the Bible outright condones slavery, even in the new Testament, with descriptions of how slaves are to be treated; women couldn’t vote in the US until 1926; and the role of women is severely restricted in the Bible. There’s a lot of denial going on here. In order to justify that morality is changing, i.e. practices like slavery and women’s rights, there needs to be some explanation for how the meanings in a book claimed to be the Word of God can somehow change so drastically. And what is it that says the time that western society picked for these changes is the right one. That’s what is called self righteousness.

Now bring in other views. The Mormon Bible says having multiple wives is allowed. Who’s wrong here? Is their Bible incorrect, or is the government wrong in stopping them? Are the Amish people wrong for using Bible verses to not use technology? The Jews have a similar rule; but it only applies on the Sabbath.

So, to answer your question, about serious worries about Islam, from the standpoint of terrorism against the western world: YES, big time. They are a society ruled by middle ages religious beliefs, with the ability to build missiles and nuclear weapons. But they are also a serious worry from a dogma standpoint because individuals in the world are still unable to answer the BIG QUESTION about finding a common religious belief. So, now, right in our own neighborhoods, the guy right across the street is no longer someone we can trust. And when groups of them try to capture politics, and use the police power of the government to enforce their beliefs, things cannot go well. The fighting will come home from Arabia and become a civil war on our own soil.

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  1. Icarmystic says:

    Being a newbie, it seems reasonable that I should I make myself known by writing and this is the subject I chose. As each religion has either one God, or three gods, or more, even many gods, then it seems a simplification to just deal with the God aspect. One where the question of a God becomes blurred is Buddhism, which doesn’t actually have a god, but some offshoots claim Buddha is one. Buddhism is a Philosophy of Life and you can be of any religion and also a Buddhist.

    Of course, there is some friction with those who don’t believe in a religion, if not outright war between some religions. Consider how a New Society will have to take various factors into account. If there was only one religion that would be a very significant and unified resistance of being obliged to adhere to some new rules. An example is that Russia became an Atheist country for decades. When the winds of Perestroika blew strongly enough, the members of the Russian Orthodox Church suddenly reappeared and resumed their previously visible status. Thus out of sight may have meant out of mind, but it still existed and carried out its rites in private. It was not controlled as such.

    The situation today in the West is that the Jews and Muslims only worship one God. Christians go for a three in one job, which is probably an error, being as one of the 10 Commandments was that you shall place no other God before me and how many churches contain a representation of God the Father? Israel has a considerable number of nuclear weapons.

    It is little known that when Iraq brought out its Scud missiles, whose warheads could have been WMD, to point at Israel, they promptly took out three of their Jericho III nuclear warheaded missiles and set them up for Baghdad. In effect, they told the USA if any WMD landed even near Jerusalem, Baghdad would be obliterated from the map. It was to avoid that that the USA rushed in patriot missiles to set up what was later referred to as the Iron Dome. It is also known that if Israel was going to end up losing a conventional war, most, if not all, Arab countries would be on the receiving end of such weapons. It is difficult to see how Israel could be coerced into anything. Thus it will have to be persuaded.

    Muslims are a different ball game. Not only is there a large number of them, manynfanatical, but they go for large families. Currently at about 10% of the population in France, it is estimated that they will be in the majority by 2060, with all that that implies, including politically. They are very busy fighting between themselves at the moment, but if there some more global threat against Islam itself, then they would join together and we all know what terrible extremes they are prepared to go to!

    To gain and maintain a New Society, the ultimate recourse is the military. What sort of force is envisaged and all the questions that flow from that? Stiff resistance can be expected from some religious elements, so we have to be well prepared to deal with it.

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