CNN Article – Prescription for Cheating

This comment refers to a CNN article about students cheating on medical exams. ( Prescription for Cheating )

I agree, this was a case of very narrow minded naïve reporting. The case presented is just the tip of a very large iceberg (i.e. medical education testing ). It fails to recognize that this iceberg is just one berg in a sea of icebergs. Anyone who takes the time to look at the sample recall exam will quickly realize that Medicine has become way too complex for humans to manage using memory alone. Some relevant numbers: number of known diseases – 12,500+; number of registered drugs – 55,000+; number of medical journals – 4,600; number of medical articles written each YEAR – 1,267,762+.  No human can even begin to memorize this level of material, never mind UNDERSTAND it. The point is, medicine is already 50 years behind adapting technology that could actually handle the problem.

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