Universal Healthcare and Fear Based Psychology

The following discussion clip is from the Occupy Wall Street demand discussion list.

Here is the lead in post from progresseachday:

Michael Moore in the film “Sicko” does a good job showing how communism is demonized and how universal health care works in many countries. I would love to see us push the agenda of universal health care once we win some of the legislation listed in this post at the top. First need to take care of wall st.


The hatred and fear related to the WORD Communism is easily explained by understanding the psychology of FEAR which has evolved in the human brain. New discoveries related to human brain structure explain this very well. ( See http://A3society.org psychology tab ). When people react with A2 thinking, they respond to words EMOTIONALLY and narrowly. The true meaning of the word is lost. Interest in understanding the word more broadly is lost. Politicians capitalize on this to drive people to vote one way or another. Unfortunately, people in our culture cannot escape this unless they also give up listening to the erroneous psychological models that have pervaded and are enforced by academia and the media. To achieve change, EVERY part of our culture has to change.

As for “Universal Healthcare”, the basic problem is not money, but addressing the concept of one human helping another. What society REFUSES to face up to is that a large number of humans are driven by BLIND greed. Sure, we use the term greed a lot. But nothing is done in society to identify “blind greed” and to isolate and restrain those who have it.

Ironically, the same psychology that causes BLIND greed also propels people to public office. The result is that the foxes are running the hen house, and have rigged the laws of the country to line their own pockets and the pockets of those who support them. Restraining this psychological and philosophical viewpoint MUST BE a goal of OWS.

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