Restructuring the Supreme Court

The following discussion clip is from the Occupy Wall Street demand discussion list.

There were a number of posts attacking the Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to make political contributions. But, the Supreme Court has a number of faults besides how they vote. Here is one post I made about this:

Consider the following change. The Supreme Court should be multiple courts. One should be made a functional part of congress, reviewing laws at the time they are voted on by congress. This will eliminate the long delay before we get a constitutionality ruling. However, the [new] Supreme Court’s role, should be limited only to ruling on the CONSTITUTIONALITY of each item in the proposed laws. A second Supreme Court should rule on civil challenges to state and federal laws. BUT, they must convene advisory panels of experts, including philosophers, to challenge the logic of what they are saying. All justices should be subject to recall in national elections. [That is, they should not be elected, which would expose them to even more influence from industry. But they could be recalled with NO CONFIDENCE votes.]

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