How Can We Reduce Violence?

The following discussion clip is from the Occupy Wall Street demand discussion list.

To achieve non-violence, it is not sufficient to limit weapons and “promote” non-violent methods. Recent discoveries in brain organization and human psychology explain how world-wide human culture has been SIDETRACKED and locked into philosophical structures of NON-WORKABLE social beliefs. Because the human race has never understood these islands of stable but erroneous violent belief structures, violence was inevitable. These structures are the primary cause behind the establishment of dictatorships, aristocracies and the elitist beliefs at root of the “Wall Street Syndrome” and slavery mentality of today’s Industry Mongols and Robber Barons . If society doesn’t make fundamental changes in its cultural beliefs, violence will not go away. And none of the approaches attempted in the past, including all the religious models, understood or addressed the new information. The discoveries are summarized on under 7 Deadly Sins, Brain Theory, Language and Psychology.

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