Failure of the Universities

The following discussion clip is from the Occupy Wall Street demand discussion list.

This is the first comment I’ve seen about problems with colleges and universities. But remember, they are part of the University – Military – Industrial complex and as fouled up as the other institutions – for the same reason $$$$. Aren’t the universities “supposed” to be “intellectual” leaders? The impending crash of modern civilization due to overpopulation has been known for a hundred years. How come we don’t hear anything from the universities about this any more? How come no models are being generated? How come no economic models to sort out the healthcare problems, or the housing problems? SIMPLE. Follow the $$$$. All the institutions OWS is putting on the hot seat have vested interests in squashing true research on these subjects. Unfortunately, the leaders of academia are part of the 1%, have drunk the Kool-aid, and sold the souls of their schools to get it. So, eventually, we will have to come back to this problem as well.

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